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I loved the changeling series and when I saw this one come out..I was like hmmm..really love Elles writing so maybe I should try this one too.Boy am I glad I did! I didnt write a review for the first two which I should!! We continue our journey with Bryn(the loner before the Apocalypse) who continuously makes the hard moral decisions. You are so proud of her making the right choices. Briefly without giving too much away because reading it for yourself is always better! We are following Bryn who after all the adults and small children die from a virus, is just trying to survive. Since many teenagers do not know how to grow food and take care of their survival, things take a turn for the very worst. Moral boundaries are crossed and the challenges look insurmountable. Bryn, who was trained by her father in martial arts and survival, begins amassing a rag tag group of teenagers, with this collection of new people, survival is not enough, they want to try and re establish a community. We get no zombies in this version of the apocalypse, but the canners are worse than zombies. I really dont like love triangles, but Elle does it so realistically that its hard to find fault with it....I love both the guys, and can see Bryn with either one of them. I loved Paci and in this world, you do have to say what you feel, because who knows what later that day can bring (not even tomorrow). I loved Mr. Bryn too (Bodo), but think I was kinda leaning towards Paci. Not that I wanted anything bad to happen to Bodo. I was so torn, and know that it could be an issue to reappear if Paci makes it to the prison. I am so glad Elle decided to make a 4th book in this series even though I cant wait for the next series with the war of the fae people in it. I find that I dont want to let people go. I feel like I am missing my friends. You get a pretty satisfying ending in this book (not one of Elles famous cliffhangers), but there are still many questions that have not been answered. Really, we are so involved in so many people in the book, you want the story to continue.

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